Mark Leinweaver and his Perfect Playcement program is exactly what every high school athlete and their parents needs to hear.
Mark discusses the harsh reality of high school level sports and dispels many of the myths surrounding college athletics and the recruitment process.

Robert D. Pollok
Director of Athletics

Mark Leinweaver and his Perfect Playcement program is exactly what every high school athlete and their parents needs to hear.
Mark discusses the harsh reality of high school level sports and dispels many of the myths surrounding college athletics and the recruitment process.

Robert D. Pollok - Director of Athletics

Perfect Playcement

Athletic Director East - Meadow High SchoolKevin Regan

“Mark’s Perfect Playcement presentation was well received by athletes, parents, and our school administration. Many found his emphasis on the importance of selecting a college not just for athletics, but in the best interests of the student to be a refreshing change from the sales pitches they have encountered through many recruiting services. His presentation helped to reinforce the messages that our coaches, teachers, and administrators have been sharing with students and parents. I would highly recommend Mark and his Perfect Playcement talk.”

Athletic Director Mira Costa High SchoolGlenn Marx

“Mark Leinweaver spoke at Mira Costa on two occasions in the past year. Mark spoke to approximately 200 parents and followed up his presentation, returning, by popular demand, to speak to a similar number of Costa students. The theme of his presentation was “Making a Personal Choice” for college. Mark emphasized the importance of the student picking a school that fits their wants and needs. One of the greatest problems here at Costa revolves around our students trying to please their parents in choosing a college. The students also chose from schools that contact them. There is a great deal of misinformation out there. Mark is able to bring his presentation on personalizing the priorities for the students when they pick a college.
Mark is very informative, funny, and has a gift for his ability to connect with both parents and students. We hope to bring Mark back next year. He provides a much needed perspective for students and parents. I recommend him to all schools in a time when this level, realistic perspective has lead to a positive and happy college experience.”

Athletic Director - Half Hollow Hills HSDebra Ferry

“Mark is passionate, knowledgeable and energetic as he delivers his message to all student athletes and parents. It is spot on with what they need to hear. We had over 115 participants come on Zoom for his hour presentation. The feedback from parents and students was awesome!”

Athletic Director - Wantagh HSJennifer Keane

“Mark’s approach is very realistic and honest. I have to share an email I received from one of my parents last night: “Excellent presentation. POWERFUL. Mark was clear, to the point and amazing. His pictures at the end sent the biggest message.” To me that speaks volumes to the presentation.”

Head Coach, GM & American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of FamerJim Peck

“Mark spoke to the players, parents, coaches and volunteers of my Junior and Senior American Legion Teams [Post #259 in Excelsior, Minnesota]. Most of our players come from Minnetonka High School, one of the very top high schools in the country, where students are very high achievers and where 92% go on to attend college. While Mark certainly achieved his stated goals in his presentation to our families, he provided so much more. He talked extensively about academic achievement and sportsmanship, as well as bullying and bullying prevention. In my coaching career, 56+ years, I have focused on creating great Americans, athletes who understand that they need to grow up to be men of integrity, who work well with others on teams in the workplace, who form strong and stable families, and who work hard to give back to their communities. Not everyone needs to go to college----not everyone should go to college----but student-athletes can grow up to be contributing members of society and solid Americans, no matter what career path they may choose. I feel that Mark spoke to all of this in his presentation, and our parents, players, coaches, and volunteers were very impressed with his presentation and took his words to heart. I can whole-heartedly recommend Mark Leinweaver and his work.”

Athletic Director - Miller Place High School Ron Petrie

“Mark’s presentation was just what our parents & athletes needed to hear. His approach was not only factual but impactful. Navigating the college process plus adding in athletics can be overwhelming. Perfect Playcement truly empowers the parents and athletes. It gives them the tools to not only navigate the process but to feel more in control of the potential outcomes. Even some of our committed athletes & parents who attended stated they wish they had this information prior to their experience.”

Director of Interscholastic Sports - Bayport–Blue Point School DistrictTimothy Mullins

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Mark’s presentation on multiple occasions. I give my highest accolades to his presentation. Not only is Mark a dynamic speaker but his depth of knowledge and ability to establish an instant rapport with his audience is exceptional. It’s evident that he has lived and is extremely well versed on the subject of College Athletic recruiting, His program is critical knowledge for all high school student-athletes planning on competing at the next level and their parents to be exposed to. Mark’s presentation also equips high school coaches with the necessary tools to help counsel their student-athletes on the importance of this potential life changing process. I have received a plethora of positive feedback about Marks presentation from our community and his encouraging impact is already paying dividends for our student athletes.”

Director of Athletics - Tuckahoe SchoolsAustin Goldberg

“In June of 2017, I attended an outing that was run by the Section 1 Athletic Directors. It was there that I heard Mark first speak. He speaks on the best ways to attack the college decision/recruiting process. I thought his message was important and valuable. I contacted Mark and made arrangements for him to speak with my secondary students, coaches, and parents. We invited our parents and families to hear his presentation. Mark's message was very good. He delivered it in a manner that provided the parents, and students, with an understanding of how to navigate the waters of choosing a college. As parents, left the presentation, I had 100% positive feedback. I highly recommend Mark's presentation. Mark delivered a very pointed and effective talk. The talk was filled with a lot of nuggets and solid advice. For those who are either bringing Mark in or are thinking about it, I just wanted to let you know he did a great job of bringing across what can be very difficult topics to broach with the parents of our student-athletes. He stayed after and answered any and all questions as well. I would highly recommend you bring both students and parents to his presentation if you are planning on having him.”

Principal - North Salem High School Vince DiGrandi

“Mark's presentation to a packed house of athletes and parents was spot on. As both and educator, father, and former Division I athlete myself, I wish I had heard Mark's presentation when I was in high school. He tells it like it is and gives excellent advice and alternatives for students and families as they embark on the collegiate path - be it as a student-athlete or not. He asks the questions that all high school students (and parents) should be asking themselves about their own futures. Truly an outstanding night and an outstanding individual. I highly recommend Mark and his presentation to ALL Athletic Directors, Principals, and Parents that want sound, logical advice for their child.”

Guidance Counselor - Briarcliff HSDr. Nathan Heltzel

“PHENOMENAL! There are not enough of us delivering the message you do. Thank you for the much needed reality check to our community, both students and parents. You’re the best I’ve seen at what you’s all delivery!“

Athletic Director - Locust Valley HSDanielle Turner

“Mark’s message is so on point with what parents and student-athletes need to know and hear as they navigate the college recruiting and selection process. His passion and tone are perfect for the message. The cherry on top is that a portion is donated to an anti-bullying organization.”

Athletic Director - Edgemont School DistrictAnthony De Rosa

“Edgemont High School had Mark Leinweaver of Perfect Placement come in to speak and I have to say, if you have not booked him as of yet, you are doing your school community a disservice. His message is, in my opinion, an extremely important one because he prioritizes the critical factors that go into making one of the most important decisions a student will make in their lifetime. He also puts this process into perspective for parents, which I feel is even more important. He lets parents and their children know that there are opportunities out there to play in college, maybe not at a glamorous DI school, but certainly at the DII and DIII levels. He provides real-world examples by using the students in the audience to assist by giving him their own aspirations and preferences regarding the type of program and school that would appeal to them. Mark is an extremely engaging speaker who did an hour presentation and then another hour of Q&A (which he didn't have to but was happy to do). I cannot say how thrilled I was and my parents were after he spoke. Right now, his services are a bargain and while he is still affordable, you should make every effort to book him.“

Head Baseball Coach - Fairfield Warde High SchoolBrett Conner

"The recruiting process is a fun but stressful time in your life. Finding the right fit that meets what you need in a school is of the most importance. Are you asking yourself, where do I even begin? If so, you're not alone because many people are in the same boat. If you need guidance, then the Perfect Playcement presentation is exactly what a parent and student needs to turn to in order to guide you through the process. You won't find a better service out there that has the knowledge and qualifications like Perfect Playcement does. There's nothing I want more than knowing my players and students are happy at the college they choose, and on their way to leading a successful life. Perfect Playcement finds that happiness for you."

Director of Athletics - Beacon High SchoolJohn Giametta

“The Perfect Playcement presentation delivered both an accurate and insightful description of what it takes to compete in athletics at the collegiate level. Mark does a great job of connecting with the audience by using his personal experiences and relating them to current trends of college recruitment. He is knowledgeable, approachable, and has a genuine passion for both academic success as well as athletic achievement. I highly recommend his presentation and plan to invite him back to Beacon on an every-other-year basis.”

Athletic Director - Arlington High SchoolMichael Cring

“Mark Leinweaver presented a clear message which is to the point and really focuses on helping parents and student athletes delineate how to prioritize their college choice and potential athletic placement at a college or university.”

VP of Education - Byram Hills PTSAAlyssa Gendal

“Mark Leinweaver gave an eye-opening and extremely informative talk on what it takes to become a college athlete. Parents got insight into what coaches are looking for, and back-door ways to potentially play. More importantly, Leinweaver focused on what students should consider when choosing a college, not just the sport they hope to play.”

Executive Director for Athletics - Three Village School DistrictPete Melore

“Mark Leinweaver’s presentation on recruiting was accurate, on point and extremely helpful to our parents and student athletes. He was able to make an instant connection with our audience. I received numerous phone calls and emails from parents thanking me for brining Mark in to present. His style and concise accurate information allows parents to see the light on how the recruiting process really works and how the correct “fit” for the student athlete is of the utmost priority.”

Director of Athletics - Carmel High SchoolSusan Dullea

“Mark is the “voice of reason” our school community has been looking for. His message of finding the best fit for each individual student, based on their own personal needs, is one that resonates within our community. All students & families can benefit from Mark’s clear and supportive message. ”

Athletic Director - Peekskill High School Adam Lodewick

"Perfect Playcement is an outstanding presentation. Mark provides a message that both parents and student-athletes need to hear. Not just for the exceptional athlete, but more importantly to the student-athletes who don't fully grasp that there is also a place for them to play collegiate athletics to continue their love for the game. Mark makes the process easy to understand for those who may not be familiar with the world of athletics beyond high school."

Director of Athletics - Alexander Hamilton High SchoolRobert D. Pollok

“Mark Leinweaver and his Perfect Playcement program is exactly what every high school athlete and their parents needs to hear. Mark discusses the harsh reality of high school level sports and dispels many of the myths surrounding college athletics and the recruitment process. Mark helps student-athletes and their families to set realistic goals and expectations for themselves while assisting them through the process of selecting a college or university that gives them the greatest chance of success academically, socially and athletically. Mr. Leinweaver is doing the educational community a tremendous service by speaking to our student-athletes!”

Parent - Mira Costa HSMichelle Weissenberg

"The points Mark stressed about student athletes giving back to their community, and the dangers of unrefined social media, and of the student's responsibilities regarding bullying are vital for us to heed in our efforts to raise good people, not good athletes, and are too often not prioritized. I loved the presentation."