FAQs Who Is Playing Division I?

Be realistic about your opportunity.

The percentage of high school athletes who earn a spot on a Men’s or Women’s Division I team is less than 3% for Football, Water Polo, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Swimming, Track, Soccer and Cross Country. It’s less than 2% for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, & Softball. Less than 1% of those athletes make the Basketball, Wrestling and Volleyball team. Hockey has the highest percentage of high school to Division I players at less than 5%. Those percentages reflect just making the team – NOT receiving scholarship money. Those statistics are even lower.

Lets take baseball & softball, for example. There are about 130,000 high school seniors who play baseball and 91,000 seniors who play softball in the US. Roughly 9,800 become college freshman baseball players and 5,500 become college freshman softball players at the Division I, II, III and NAIA levels COMBINED, most of whom are NON-SCHOLARSHIP.

Thus, about 7.5% of baseball and 6% of softball players make their college team and earn a uniform, meaning 92.5% of baseball and 94% of softball players either DO NOT MAKE their college program or even try out! The ability to simply make the team as a non-scholarship player is truly a remarkable accomplishment!

ONLY about 0.6% of baseball and 0.9% of softball earn some portion of a Division I scholarship. Approximately 0.8% of baseball and 1% of softball earn some amount of a Division II or NAIA scholarship.

Talent plays…and the scholarship program coaches know who is out there despite countless “recruiting showcases”. Be prepared to be realistic – especially about the highly unlikely chances of obtaining an athletic scholarship – and focus on finding the right college first and then explore the chance to make their team.