FAQs What Should YOU Be Asking A Coach On Your Campus Visit?

Remember, it's a buyer's market. Your college decision should include factors far beyond the sport and ultimately, you can go anywhere you get accepted! So, be sure you are asking the right questions too, especially since it's your future and your investment.


  1. When do Fall / Winter / Spring practices start?
  2. How many games do you play each season?
  3. What does your season consist of?
  4. Do you have a strength & conditioning coach?
  5. Do you have indoor or additional facilities?
  6. Are the facilities available to players outside of practice time?
  7. How many returning players are at my position?
  8. How many players are you recruiting from my position?
  9. How would you see me fitting into your program?
  10. What is the off-season training program like?
  11. Do you go on a destination trip to play?
  12. Is it realistic that I could see playing time as a freshman?
  13. How many hours per day on average do you practice?
  14. What time do you practice?
  15. How many players are on your roster?
  16. Do you run camps in the summer?
  17. Can I stay and work those camps?
coaching advice


  1. Do you offer academic advisers for athletes?
  2. Do you have an organized study hall for players?
  3. Are tutors available and if so, provided at no fee?
  4. Will an academic adviser monitor my progress each semester?
  5. Does your staff help set my academic semester schedule?
  6. How much does one year of education cost (tuition, room, board, books & fees)?
  7. Could I qualify for any academic, merit or leadership grants or scholarships?
  8. Do you allow your athletes to pursue work-study programs to off-set costs?
  9. How much class time is missed due to travel or road games?
  10. How would you describe the campus life?
  11. Do most athletes live on or off campus?
  12. Do most athletes live together?
  13. What is your opinion on internship programs, including during the season?