FAQs What If I Don’t Make The Team?

Selecting the best school for your success.

Well, I hate to say it, but there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t make the team. Based on the sheer statistical numbers of how many players there are and how many spots are open for freshman, not to mention the enormous athletic level jump of playing against 17-year-old kids to 21-year-old adults, students need to recognize the possibility of not making the team.

This is where ensuring picking the perfect college – not just the athletic program – is truly paramount for every athlete.

Sometimes not making the team could be from factors outside of your control…like injuries, roster needs, coaching staff changes or simply, a poor tryout performance. Too many families don’t appreciate that the ability to just make the team as a non-scholarship player is very hard and truly a remarkable accompishment!

Realistically, how many spots are there each year for freshman on any college team? Regardless of sport, maybe a handful. And yet, there are dozens of really talented players trying out. Furthermore, how many of those freshman actually see considerable playing time as a FRESHMAN?

Overall, the answer is very few. So, should a player NOT make the team but still really wants to be a part of the team in some capacity, volunteer to make yourself available to the program! Coaches are always overworked and often understaffed – so they usually love and welcome passionate volunteers!

Whether it’s team manager, a statistical researcher or administrative assistant, there’s very likely an opportunity for you to be a PART OF the college team. Then, less than a year later, you could always try out again…after being a valued member of the team.