FAQs Do I Need A Video?

The Do's and Dont's.

Most colleges will want to see video of you at some point, namely because it’s challenging for coaches to see you play live. If they do, it might only be once. HOWEVER, in today’s technology and with most parents having video recording and editing capability on their phone or device, a fancy, high-tech and expensive video really isn’t necessary.

Programs like to see footage from a game, which is always preferred, and/or practice. Best to keep it simple – as it only needs to be 3 to 5 minutes focused on the player – and should include all elements of the sport. Shoot actual in-game footage but also focus on practice drills capturing the fundamentals from multiple angles. That material can easily be emailed to a coach. And, your goal should be connecting with that coach after you’ve decided that you are actually interested their school.

So once you do, ASK THE COACH what they’d like to see on the video. No need to guess here. Give them exactly what they want. Various coaches may ask to see different things.