FAQs As A Student-Athlete, What Else Should I Be Doing?

Are there other activities I can be doing?

It’s not enough to just be a good student and successful athlete. You must do more by getting involved outside of the classroom and off the field. Volunteering your time and making a positive contribution to your community is both crucial in your college application process and in your growth as a person. It’s not hard to be selfless and kind. There are so many local organizations seeking volunteers, namely student-athletes, to assist their cause.

Special Needs and Anti-Bullying are two groups woven into the fabric of high school culture & society. Start by asking adminstrators at your school or simply do a web search to find names and opportunities. Special Needs examples are the Unified Program (an affiliate of Special Olympics) and the Miracle League, both of which have chapters in many states throughout the country.

Mallory’s Army – an anti-bullying organization based out of New Jersey – offers inspiring ways for students to make a real difference through kindness in everyday life. These organizations, and many more like them, are available in every state in the country.


Bullying has become a very real and tragic epidemic in our society. Through social media and smart phones, it continues to worsen and MUST be stopped. As a student-athlete, you have a social responsibilty to be part of the solution to this challenging issue and not part of the problem. That starts now.

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