Perfect Playcement
History & Passion

The idea behind PERFECT PLAYCEMENT is educate student–athletes & parents about the importance of "character" and how they must identify the right college FIRST, not just the athletic program.

Mark’s message delivers an intense educational workshop on how Character Matters, addressing important daily issues like the dangers of social media, the need for students to volunteer in their community and the importance of anti-bullying.

It also covers so-called “recruiting” – by teaching how this process falls upon the STUDENT, not their athletic director, coaches, parents or third parties, to contact the team staff directly with calls & emails.

This presentation provides major value in adolescent development that no one else is doing like Mark.

What started as an independent, boutique consulting service has blossomed into an educational, honest “DO-IT-YOURSELF” speaking campaign.

In today's landscape, the priorities of players, families and coaches are extremely out of order. Expectations are unrealistically set and families are grossly uneducated in the "process", leading to very disappointed student-athletes when they finally reach the college level. And, parents are ultimately wasting money on a college where their child shouldn't be.

This is, too often, after those parents have spent hundreds to thousands - sometimes tens of thousands of dollars - "investing" in a fairly fruitless endeavor "showcasing" the player via multiple "recruiting" avenues.

Additionally, many coaches don't have the time, resources or frankly, the interest, in helping with that process. It is not the job of the coach to do the research and make the initial calls to colleges - they're the "closer" once the process has been narrowed down to the final choices. As a result, parents find themselves helpless in gaining assistance for their son or daughter. That's where PERFECT PLAYCEMENT message comes in.

Owner & Speaker Mark Leinweaver is a former NON-SCHOLARSHIP Division II baseball player at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. Understanding the importance of selecting the right college beyond just education and athletics, Leinweaver chose Stonehill because it had a student population of about 2000, was three hours away from his hometown in New York, offered Communications & Political Science programs, was located just outside of Boston (with internship opportunities) and provided a chance to play college baseball. ALL were important criteria to him.

His decision launched a life-changing, four-year experience that Leinweaver credits in making him who he is today. Now, he wants to help other student-athletes identify their PERFECT "playce" to go to college.

Every student athlete deserves
great advice!

To schedule Mark Leinweaver for a speaking engagement, please email him under Contact Us.

Everyone student athlete deserves great advice!

To schedule Mark Leinweaver for a speaking engagement, please email him under Contact Us.